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Water Treatment

Monzyk Innovations LLC has many different types of research being conducted on water treatment, whether removing contaminants or minerals, we can improve your water quality!



Urchin is a new chemical composition that we at Monzyk Innovations developed, that has great potential in water treatment.


Urchin has shown positive results in the removal and separation of oils and minerals in frack water sample. Visual appearance became clear and colorless, odor intensity greatly diminished and UV/VIS spectroscopy shows decrease interference. Urchin also has some flocculation/coagulation and disinfecting properties. 


UV/VIS sample was filtered to remove any debris but was not treated with urchin.

Frack untreated.png

UV/VIS sample was the previous sample after treatment and another filter cycle

Filter frack.png

Urchin is not commercially available but is in process of becoming available. If Urchin seems like a chemical that could have a desiring effect for treatment or another situation, contact us and have a discussion with our experts

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