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Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Low cost liquid - liquid extraction (LLX) Process Equipment :

LLX units with flexibility spanning use from university engineering and chemistry class and research laboratories, to use as a continuous production pilot plant. As supplied, features readily adjusted flow patterns of counter-current, co-current, cross-current, and internal recycle. Number of total mixer-setters (MS) can be ordered from 2 to 14. (Inquire to special order for more and different MS sizes).


Pilot or Small Plant :

Unit offers a bench or pilot scale capability in LLX for your value recovery business or R&D lab. The unit is custom made in Alabama by skilled technicians and can be custom-designed to meet your needs. Designs are readily changed or refurbished as desired using available parts from hardware local stores (hoses, clamps, etc.).

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LLX process recovers values or wastes from a feed liquid stream that contains the components to be recovered, separated, and / or concentrated such as: Precious metal ions: Rare earth elements, platinum group metals, electronic and optics scrap metal such as gallium and aluminum. Recover/ recycle base metals: copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt, iron, and manganese Anions from aqueous streams using anion-exchange extracting phases: phosphate, sulfate, nitrate, chromate(VI), and arsenate(V).

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The unit is 4 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 3 feet high. Sizes may vary due to the number of MS requested.

Salient Features of LLX:

Simplify complex and expensive chemistry Are chemically resistant to most MOCs Operate at ambient temperatures and pressure at hight flow rates (normally100ml/min) Operate at a high processing rate (1 minute reaction time per mixer), with a small footprint to produce value added products. LLX is the separation method of choice where distillation fails. It is effective for azeotropic mixtures or temperature sensitive components

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